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Tractor on the Go (TOG) is a product of Origin Group, an Agricultural value-chain conglomerate. ​

TOG provides easy mechanization for smallholder farmers in Nigeria. From ploughing to harvesting, TOG supplies all the equipment farmers need for speedy and more convenient farming operations, at the best price.

Enriching Farmers

TOG seeks to solve the prevalent poverty amongst smallholder farmers who work very hard and are yet very poor.

In Nigeria, smallholder farmers lose a huge chunk of their income due to factors directly related to low mechanization. We are giving farmers a better chance at increased productivity with easy access to tractors to till their land, plant, irrigate, harvest and haul their crop to the market.

When farmers prosper, they spend more thereby creating increased commercial activity in villages and towns. This helps create a better future for their children, communities and the nation.

Increasing Tractor Density: Clusters and Communities

TOG actively promotes stakeholders’ convergence to create agricultural value for small-scale farmers by engaging farming communities, associations and clusters.

This project was established to address problems associated with low tractor density in Nigeria. We have service centers located in over 23 states to cater to communities of farmers. Through these service centers, we are making it easier for farmers to adopt the modern ways of farm mechanization.

These clusters also serve as support groups to solve the perennial problems of sustainable mechanization for farmers.

What is a tractor center

Tractor center is a pre-fabricated structure which consists of a shed​, two tractors, implements, an inputs shop (convertible to a bunk room), conveniences (bathroom and toilet), solar power system (to generate 5KvA), a borehole, and other necessary items.

Each Mobile Tractor Center would be deployed to a farm cluster of 500 hectares and each center would be managed by a competent team of support staff ​comprising of a Center Manager, an Agric Engineer, two Tractor Operators, one Tractor Technician, and one person to manage inputs all ​to ensure project profitability and sustainability.


Requirement for daily operation

Farmers registration form
Daily tractor status report form
Land inspection form
Tractor diesel log book
Dispatch logbook
Center manager is expected to be fully kitted on the log branded uniform daily
Center manager is expected to be deliver minimum 500ha monthly
Center manager is expected to liase with booking commission agents and ensure they understand the T.O.G. model

Our Aim & Objectives

The Project’s chief aim is to ensure every farmer can have timely access to mechanization services and at enhancing farm productivity and quadruple ROI on existing land holding. It is specifically designed to empower the youths with requisite training and mentorship to own and successfully manage tractors.

Its main objective is to "eliminate the pains and sufferings of smallholder farmers in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa via the establishment of at least 2000 Mobile Tractor Centers across the country within the next 5 years (2022) at the ‎rate of 400 centers per annum”.

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