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We know farming is hard work, getting a tractor and other farm mechanization implements shouldn't be hard work too.

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Facts about our service

Tractor scheduling

With an in-app calendar, you can plan your farm operations and determine when you need a specific farm mechanization machinery. This maximizes the spread of our service across your community and farming cluster. The tractor scheduling feature also helps our tractor-lease partners to track their machinery work rate.

Prompt equipment delivery

No matter where you are in Nigeria, our tractors will get to you in the shortest time possible once you make a request. Our team of professionals are always on hand to deliver exceptional farm mechanization services every step of the way.

Help from our partners

With our wide range of technical partners of agrotechnicians and equipment suppliers all over the world, you have access to resolve specific queries.

Maximum Profits

With TOG, you get improved farm processes at a higher speed. This way, you get better results to increase your earning potential.

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