3 Safety Tips to Consider When Driving a Tractor

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May 6, 2021
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May 6, 2021

3 Safety Tips to Consider When Driving a Tractor

Just like every occupation or operation, farm machinery also comes with its perks.

Every piece of machinery is dangerous when not handled with care.

Tractors are not exempted. They can be volatile and cause damages to the handlers or farmers on site.

Statistics show that tractors and machinery are the main causes of most farm accidents. Therefore it is important to put safety first when operating your tractor on and off the road and take the necessary precautions when it comes to driving your tractor.

Here are 3 safety tips to consider when driving a tractor.

  1. One tractor seat equals one person

The tractor seat was designed for just the driver. Do not carry a side passenger as this puts the life of the passenger at risk.

Do not put children on it as there is no child lock and extra riders will distract and compromise the driver’s attention to details and decision making.

  1. Keep up good maintenance of your tractor

Before you drive your tractor, carry out the daily checks to ensure everything is in working order.

Make sure the tractor is in safe operating condition.

This will prevent a lot of accidents on the farm like the breakdown of the tractor on the farm or the sudden failure of the brake.

Keep the engine oiled always.

  1. Safe Stop Procedure

It is quite imperative to practice the Safe Stop Procedure.

Cut back the throttle in good time and wait until the tractor has slowed down sufficiently, press clutch pedal, apply brakes gradually, always park in a suitable location, stop the engine and apply the handbrake, lower all hydraulically mounted equipment and finally remove the key.

No one prays for an accident, tractor accidents result in serious disabling injuries and tragic loss of life. Losses due to property damage, medical bills, time off work, reduced productivity, and insurance costs are considerable. Take precautions while handling the tractor. Follow the manual and stay safe.


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