Should I rent or buy a Tractor?

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May 6, 2021
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Should I rent or buy a Tractor?

A lot of people often ask the question: should I buy a tractor or just rent one? These questions are borne out of concerns mostly from the cost, the management, and the operational part of handling a tractor.

If you have ever wondered or asked these questions, then keep reading.

Is Tractor worth the investment?

Tractors are cool and give ultimate returns of investment when used properly on the farm.

The tractor is the hub of the farm and the muscle that drives the many implements or hauls the heavy loads on the farm.

But buying a tractor just for the sole purpose of buying a tractor is highly not profitable.

Tractors just not be purchased for fun projects; they can be rented.

If your plan to use a tractor is a one-time thing or once a while thing, then you might consider renting a tractor instead of buying one.

Below are five factors you should consider before buying a tractor.

  1. Financial Capability

Are you financially capable of purchasing a tractor at the moment? Will I be able to pay off the mortgage on it in due time? Will this offset my financial balance for a while?

These are questions you need to ask before deciding to buy a tractor. If your finance is not so great at the moment and you need the services of a tractor, it will be advisable for you to rent in the main time until you are financially capable.

But if you can afford to buy one, it is a good investment for your business and also you could see a high return on investment if you decide to sell later on.

2.   Does your farm venture rely on the work of a tractor every season?

If your answer to the above is yes, then you need to get your Tractor, it can help your business stay ahead of the game when changes in your schedule or projects occur. You will experience less downtime as well but If your tractor is not a seasonal need (maybe you need it to prepare a land once) renting a tractor might just be the option for you.

3. Will you be willing to learn how to drive and operate the tractor?

Or do you know someone who can help you if something breaks?

If your answer to the above is no, then there is no point in buying one because the reason you get it might not be achievable.

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