TOG Offers Harvesting Operations to Flour Mills Up North

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TOG Offers Harvesting Operations to Flour Mills Up North

Combine harvester in field with wheat and young men

Our amazing team was in Jigawa and Kano for over 5 weeks carrying out wheat harvesting operations for Flour Mills of Nigeria. Wheat is a major resource employed by FMN in their various food products. So, harvesting the plant in the best way possible is important. Through the use of our Combine Harvester, we were able to cut, thresh and clean the grains all in one swoop.

According to statistics, the northern part of the country specifically Jigawa, Kebbi, Kano, and Kaduna is favorably predisposed to wheat production. A report by the Guardian highlighted the rising demand for affordable staple food such as wheat which can be used for flour and flour-based products. The wheat farmers association said their collective local wheat production in 2019 was pegged at about 200,000 metric tonnes, which is inarguably inadequate to meet the country’s demand level.

It is because of this; we are especially honored to be a part of the wheat harvesting operation for FMN. Using the right harvesting machine for wheat ensures every grain is saved, with little to no losses. Through this project, we were able to reach 100 farmers within Dambatta community in Kano as well as Gambari, Ajingi , Biyamusu and Malamawa Ndutse communities in Jigawa state.

Recall that sometime last year, we were a part of FMN’s wheat harvesting project in Kano, Jigawa, and Kebbi.


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