Why Small-scale Farmers Should Hire Tractors

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Why Small-scale Farmers Should Hire Tractors

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Hiring a tractor by small-scale farmers can be impossible most times because of low access to mechanization equipment. This is where we come in.

Tractor on the Go provides easy access to tractors for smallholder farmers in Nigeria. From ploughing to harvesting, we supply all the equipment farmers need for speedy and more convenient farming operations,

There are various reasons why a small-scale farmer should hire a tractor. They include:

1. To increase their productivity: Tractors make operations like harvesting or planting easy. It cuts out the use of crude tools to work and makes production easier for small-scale farmers, hence increasing productivity.

 2. For better health. Staying in the sun for a long period can cause dizziness and weakness in various joints of the body. The use of tractors can help preserve the health of a farmer. Operations that require repetitive movements can cause injuries, outsourcing these energy and muscle intensive operations to tractors can deliver better health to farmers.

3. It’s as simple as ABC: TOG is of immense value to farmers. We have an app that farmers can download to order a tractor in Nigeria for their farm operations, no matter where they are. With just the tap of a button, farmers can access tractors and implements within their community to carry out any farming operation.

4. Saves cost and time: Using a tractor saves money and time for farmers. So, hiring one can help unburden the stress of getting labour who then takes days to complete farming operations. The benefit of using tractors gives farmers an alternative to cut down the time it requires to finish their work while also helping them save money.

These are some of the reasons why small-scale farmers should hire a tractor. The rate at which rural farmers produce can easily be increased if we take the right steps. Increasing our mechanization rate and access to tractors can help boost food production in the country. It is our hope that through our own contributions to raising access to tractors, harvesters and other mechanization equipment, we can help build a better future for all.


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