4 Ways to Improve Farming Experience for the Everyday Farmer

3 Farm Implements for Small-scale Farmers
May 15, 2021
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June 11, 2021

4 Ways to Improve Farming Experience for the Everyday Farmer

Farming is tough work. Spending hours in the sun, and in the rain, tending to the ground to ensure a great harvest takes its toll. But are they getting the help  they need to feed the population ?From time to time,every farmer needs to be supported one way or the other. Here are 4 ways to improve the farming for the everyday farmer.

1)   Provide support

This may seem pretty obvious but it is one that can make a huge impact in the life of a farmer. Farmers constantly need their friends, family and colleagues in this peculiar field where stress is an everyday thing. In farming, there are a lot of variables that can change at any given time.

This is why constant support is a real lifesaver. Support may come by lending an ear to listen to the farmer’s complaints and stories, or cooking a hearty meal at the end of the day’s work, or simply showing up to encourage the hard worker to take a break. Any way you decide to show support, it will definitely come in handy to the heroes on the field.

2) Internet Connection

For many people all over the world, internet connection is a forgone conclusion and a daily part of their day. However, there are 4 billion of the world’s population, over 55%, that are unconnected to the internet. For many farmers, especially those in remote areas, internet connection is a rarity. Farmers need a strong internet connection to gain information on how they can improve productivity on their farms.

Farmers need access to real-time information about their crops, the weather, neighbouring farming markets and so on. All of these are inaccessible without having internet connection. For farmers to really tap into the best that they can offer their world, they need to be connected to that world via the internet.

3) Download a weather app

One thing the farmer cannot control? Weather. One minute it could be sunny and blazingly hot, and the next minute it is raining cats and dogs. Farmers need an edge to plan their farm operations with a weather monitoring app. Weather apps use authentic information from meteorology to make their forecasts about the condition in an area.

With a weather app, farmers can take time to make informed decisions about when to do what on their farms. This way, they are never caught unawares when there is a storm coming. Download a weather app for your farmer friends today. They will thank you!

4) Lease them a Farm Implement

For many smallholder farmers in Nigeria, they cannot own tractors and other farm implements because of financial constraints. With Tractor on the Go, you can order a tractor for any farmer anywhere in the world in Nigeria within minutes. This is one sure way to put a smile on a farmer’s face.

There’s no better help to a farmer than to gift such an access to tractors and other farm implements to help

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